laundry liquid fresh air 66 loads
laundry liquid fresh air 66 loads
laundry liquid fresh air 66 loads
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    laundry liquid fresh air 66 loads

    start a spontaneous clothes-sniffing revolution with this super effective, concentrated formula

  • worried about getting stains on your clothes? this powerful stain lifting formula will put you at ease

  • brighten both your day and the colors on your clothes with this fresh air scented laundry detergent

  • you'll be in confident in wearing your clothes knowing that your clothes are clean and the fragrance lasts

  • slick looking bottle that has enough for up to 66 loads
  • fragrance
    fresh air
    you've heard that saying before, when something refreshing just breezed in, and everything's a little bit better because of it? well, this scent is just like that- a breath of fresh air. the kind you smell. pretty much named itself.
    additional features + benefits
    • concentrated liquid
    • powerful stain remover
    • fragrance that lasts
    • hypoallergenic formula
    • works in cold water
    • fresh air
    how to use me
    to wash: pour into detergent tray or directly into machine. follow care label instructions. to pre-treat: rub a little detergent onto stain. wait 5 minutes. wash as usual. test an inside seam or inconspicuous area for colorfastness
    water (aqua), lauryl ethoxylate*, sodium lauryl sulfate*, glycerin*, ethanol*, sodium chloride*, sodium cocoate*, amylase*, calcium chloride*, carboxymethylinulin*, mannanase*, trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid*, pectinase*, polyester, protease*, sodium hydroxide*, denantonium benzoate, distrylbiphenolsulfonate, benzylisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, octylisothiazolinone, fragrance (parfum: citronellol, limonene), polymeric blue, polymeric violet

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