bottles made from bottles

we use recycled plastic to reduce the footprint of our products and incentivize recycling.

100% recycled plastic

all of method’s 1-PET plastic bottles, including our hand wash, dish soap and spray cleaners, are made from 100% PCR (post-consumer resin for those in the know). PCR has about a 70% lower carbon footprint than using virgin plastic.

50% recycled plastic

our 2-HDPE bottles range from 25% PCR in our toilet cleaners, to 50% PCR in our 50 loads laundry detergent, and 65% PCR in body washes.

design for recyclability

method primarily uses plastics 1 and 2 and designs all packaging for maximum recycled content, material efficiency and recyclability.

polyester terephthalate high density polyethyleneh low density polyethylene polypropylene mixed sources
widely recycled widely recycled compatible with HDPE recycling stream recycled at some facilities not widely accepted by municipal recyclers
made of 100% recycled plastic made of 100% recycled plastic n/a n/a made from multiple sources, typically virgin plastic
n/a n/a
NOTE: plastic 3 (PVC) is a dirty packaging material that method does not use. plastic 6 (polystyrene) is best avoided in rigid packaging due to its lack of recyclability.

refills make good sense

refill pouches offer a 78-82% water, energy + plastic savings vs. a bottle.

plastics make up almost 13% of the municipal solid waste generated, and the largest plastic waste contributors are containers and packaging. while we design our packaging to be as green as possible, we’re always looking for additional ways to lessen our environmental impact. our easy-to-use refill pouches for hand wash, laundry detergent and dish soap offer about an 80% water, energy and plastic savings compared to using a bottle. plus, our pouches help save you money—not to mention trips to the store to grab more of your fave method products. shop method refills ›

air pillows

these are void fillers to keep your products safe in freight.

air pillows are void fillers to keep your products safe in freight. they are made up of 95% recycled plastics and can be re-used, or deflated and recyled in soft packaging recycle bins in Coles. we are proud to partner with Redcycle to help divert as much packaging from landfil as we can to help us all contribute to a better more eco friendly world.